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Owning a home is a wonderful reward for all the hard work you've done to get it. Your family now has a safe place to stay with space to play and grow. Don’t let the possibility of an accident or disaster loom over your head. With ISU-Wiseman Insurance, you can be sure that your home is covered when worse comes to worst.

Common Home Insurance Questions

What Is The Best Home Insurance?

Home insurance depends on your family's needs. The "best" home insurance for your neighbor may not have as much coverage as you need. Call us at (801) 377-3060 today to discover the best insurance to suit your needs.

What Is Included In Home Insurance?

A typical homeowners insurance policy includes:

  • Personal Property: These protect your belongings from events such as fire, tornadoes or theft with personal property coverage.
  • Dwelling Protection: These provide coverage for the actual home in case of damage.
  • Liability: This coverage steps in when bodily injury or property damage occurs at your home.
  • Other Property Protection: General dwelling protection won't necessarily cover separate structures like sheds or pools. You can add more protection and liability insurance for your other properties.

What Is The Average Cost Of Homeowners Insurance?

Utah has some of the lowest homeowner's insurance rates in the US at about $642 a year. This rate can vary depending on where you live, the age of the home and other factors. Be sure to speak with your agent about your homeowner’s insurance rate and the possible factors that make it higher.

How Much Home Insurance Do I Need?

Homeowners insurance is not required by law, but it may be required by a lender. A lender will typically ask that you at least have liability insurance. This isn't enough to protect your home in case of disaster, however. Coverages you should consider purchasing include:

  • Dwelling: This provides coverage for your home and its attached structures.
  • Personal Property: This protection offers coverage for your personal belongings.
  • Flood insurance: Floods are all too common in Utah. Flood insurance doesn't always come with a typical homeowner's policy, either. Make sure to talk to your agent about protecting your home and property from flood damage.

There are many different coverage options to protect your home. ISU-Wiseman Insurance agents are here to help.

How Often Should I Review My Home Insurance?

As a rule, you should review your home insurance about once a year. Two good times to check in with your home insurance agent are when your policy is renewing and when you've made improvements on your home.

Also, home insurance rates don't only just go up. They can go down if your improvements qualify for a discount.

Insure Your Home Today

Agents at ISU-Wiseman Insurance understand the importance of keeping your home safe. Call us today at (801) 377-3060 or fill out an online quote form.

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