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For Provo & Utah County, Utah

If you or a loved one becomes ill and requires some form of medical attention, health insurance kicks into action providing coverage for associated costs. Although healthcare coverage is an essential component of your insurance portfolio, it is becoming increasingly more complex to accurately secure in an affordable manner.

For reference, the Affordable Care Act requires that all U.S. citizens enroll for healthcare insurance. It dictates that the federal government provides subsidies at qualifying income levels so this can happen, with specific coverage options. This can change what independent insurance companies offer for healthcare coverage, as well as the way policyholders enroll for this coverage. It also changes payment dynamics and future health insurance purchases.

At ISU-Wiseman Insurance, we partner with clients in Provo, Orem, and a selection of surrounding Utah communities to seamlessly administer a health insurance plan fitting for specific individual needs. We take a personalized approach toward developing insurance solutions, noting client concerns and medical requirements when making recommendations.

What Should My Health Insurance Policy Cover?

A cookie-cutter approach for writing health insurance simply doesn't work. No individual, family, or company is the same; therefore, the health insurance coverage required should reflect these differences. Our agents spend time asking questions and listening, finding a balance between adequate, cost-effective insurance protection.

Overall, health insurance covers many forms of medical attention and health-related costs. It also consists of numerous plans. Individual coverage and Medicare supplement, Medicare part D, supplemental health, short-term medical, and dental coverage are among the different forms of medical attention that health insurance can cover.

As an agency, we stay up-to-date on changes in the insurance industry, as well as governmental regulations, such as the Affordable Care Act. Finding the right plan with the right amount of coverage is critical. No matter where you are in the process of identifying the route toward comprehensive protection, we can help. If you have coverage currently and are looking to make a change, we can help. If you do not have coverage and are looking to enroll for the first time, we can help.

Some of the health insurance coverage options accessible encompass:

  • Individual & Family Health Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Temporary Health Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Child Health Insurance
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Prescription Insurance
  • HSAs

Choosing healthcare coverage is not just about covering your current and potential medical needs; it's about taking advantage of benefits and discounts that allow you to save money now and in the future. We match your coverage with benefits and discounts that reduce premiums and other costs. These benefits and discounts also help maximize your coverage and prevent future claims.

Is A Healthcare Insurance Specialist Available Near Me?

Keeping you financially secure now and in the future is one of our primary goals. Healthcare coverage is diverse and there are many avenues to get to where you need to be – some more effective than others. We are dedicated to guiding our Utah neighbors through the process of finding, selecting, and purchasing the right policy.

We partner with a selection of nationally-renowned insurance providers, which affords us vast coverage options. Our agents are accessible to compare options and the benefits they provide. This process is handled quickly and effectively, so you can take advantage of coverage as soon as possible. Our role is served in a dual capacity: part counselor, part broker.

The landscape of health insurance is evolving and purchasing coverage is different now than it was in the past. The complexities of premium subsidies, cost-sharing subsidies, penalties, and other coverage dynamics are harder to understand. As a result, purchasing coverage is more labor-intensive. At ISU - Wiseman Insurance, our licensed professionals help make the process easier - minimizing costs and maximizing benefits.

If you are interested in working with our team, please contact our agency or request a quote at your convenience.

At ISU - Wiseman Insurance, we are proud to offer health insurance in Provo, Orem, Salt Lake City, American Fork, Springville, Spanish Fork, and surrounding Utah Communities. We are licensed to serve a selection of states including Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado, and more.

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