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When you turn 26, you can no longer stay on your parents' insurance plan. What should you look for when shopping for coverage. Craig Wiseman explains in this video. Here's a transcript of the video: "I'm getting ready to turn 26 and my parents have just told me that I'm gonna have to get my own health insurance. READ MORE >>

The law says that everyone has to have car insurance. But some drivers don't heed this requirement. If you get into a wreck, and the other driver doesn't have enough insurance coverage, you may not have a way of recovering your expenses from them. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is coverage that you buy that can fill in that gap. READ MORE >>

When you turn 65, you are eligible to enroll in Medicare. But how does this process work, and what do you need to do? Rob Wiseman explains in this video. Here's a transcript of the video: I am Rob Wiseman, Wiseman Insurance, and when do you need to go on Medicare? When you turn 65. READ MORE >>

Everyone needs health insurance as they grow older, but it can be expensive. Finding the right policy is difficult, and a lot of people simply give up and don't purchase health insurance. This can cause even more financial trouble down the road, as nearly every health service is incredibly expensive. READ MORE >>

Health insurance deductibles seem like an odd feature of insurance. Your provider is going to pay most expenses, and your deductible may wind up a mere fraction of the total costs. How is paying a deductible supposed to help cover your medical care? Ultimately, it can be regarded as something of a symbolic gesture on your part. READ MORE >>

Driving during dusk or dawn during the fall is a high-risk situation in many areas. Deer are running during this time of the year. That means they are more commonly out on the roadways. And that also means deer might potentially stray onto the road when you are driving by. READ MORE >>

In one year, tired driving accounted for around 72,000 crashes, totaling 800 deaths and 44,000 injuries. Even if you manage not to fall asleep at the wheel, drowsiness slows down your reaction time and hinders your ability to think coherently and make smart driving decisions. Put simply, it's not worth the risk. READ MORE >>

When it comes to what is and isn't covered on home insurance the line is usually drawn at one simple question: Was there anything you could have done to prevent the damages? This is why we check our plumbing for leaks and keep our smoke detector batteries fresh. One area that many homeowners neglect, however, is ventilation. READ MORE >>

People always say that home insurance is "better to have and not need than the other way around." The trick is figuring out when you need it. Ideally, insurance is a last line of defense. Sometimes, it even makes far more sense to cover the damages yourself without filing a claim. Here's are some things to consider: READ MORE >>

If you’re familiar with your business insurance plan, you’ve probably examined its professional liability coverage to great extent. Between employee slip-and-fall injuries, construction site injuries, fleet accidents and more, there are a lot of situations which can result in financial trouble. READ MORE >>

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