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Anyone who has a residence needs homeowners insurance and anyone who drives needs auto insurance. If you buy your homeowners and auto insurance from the same provider and bundle your policies for these two types of insurance, you can save money, time, and effort. Money savings come from your provider's benefiting from economies of scale, which justifies lower premiums. Time and effort savings come from consolidated bills, fewer insurance agents, and simpler statements.

At ISU - Wiseman Insurance, we coordinate multi-line insurance programs that give you optimal coverage for the lowest premiums. We work with you one-on-one to find best combinations of coverage and to give you the information you need to make the best insurance decisions possible.

We are an independent agency, which means that we have access to many different insurance companies and can "shop" for the best bundled coverage plans on your behalf. Our team of expert specialists has more than seventy five years of experience and can lend the expertise of each agent to you so that you can take charge of your insurance experience.

What Does A Home & Auto Policy Mean For You?

Discounts on bundled policies typically range from 10 percent to 20 percent. These discounts are often reflections of a number of factors, including amount of coverage purchased, driving records, and geographic location. They are also determined in part by your coverage's ability to help you reduce future risks and exposures. In most cases, multi-line policyholders can expect premium reductions, single deductibles, and additional coverage selection.

At ISU - Wiseman Insurance, we present you with all of your options and then develop optimal policies out of your selections. In each case, we make sure to maximize your benefits while keeping premiums low. By combining home and auto policies with us, you may be eligible for a guaranteed full-year policy term for your car, On Your Side® insurance protection, and 24-hour Customer and Claim service.

You may also qualify for extras like single deductibles, emergency lockout coverage, accidental death benefits, and airbag replacement from accidental deployment. < ahref="">Contact one of our expert agents today to find out what coverage is right for you.

Why ISU-Wiseman Insurance?

Our agents are not "captive," which means that they do not represent single insurance agencies. Their chief investment is in finding the best coverage for your needs and helping you save money and time. We work with a vast claims network that includes numerous national carriers, and these carriers allow us to provide ideal coverage. Our experience and expertise enable us to provide this coverage quickly and efficiently.

We have quick turnarounds and our staff is trained to respond to all of your inquiries promptly and effectively. We take great pride in delivering maximum value and it shows in every interaction you have with us. Our commitment to your ongoing financial security is unwavering and this commitment is expressed in every service and product we provide.

Contact one of our specialists at ISU - Wiseman Insurance to learn more about the benefits you can receive by combining your home and auto policies.

We are proud to provide multi-line insurance solutions in Provo, Orem, Salt Lake City, American Fork, Springville, and Spanish Fork, Utah and surrounding areas.

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