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"Wiseman Insurance just saved me about $550 per year on my home and auto insurance! That works out to about 32% savings over my last company. Everything was so easy too. We did everything through fax and e-mail and it was taken care of in a couple of days. If more people knew just how much they could save and how easy it really is they wouldn’t wait to call. Just give them a call and see what Wiseman Insurance can do for you!"

Stewart L. Walker

"Walker Family Mortuaries has been with Wiseman Insurance since 2005. They were able to save us about $6,000 on our Mortuary Insurance Package while providing us much better coverage. Upon our initial contact they took the time to analyze our current program and show us some very serious areas where we were lacking coverage that could have been disasterous to our future.

Wisemans now take care of ALL our insurance needs including our Group Health benefits and our Workers Compensation. They have even helped us with our Personal Life Insurance and all of our Homeowners and Auto insurance. Their service has been outstanding and we highy recommend them to any business looking for a very professional and full service insurance agency!"

Michael R. Burgess

"I knew Craig – but as it turns out – calling him regarding insurance was the best thing I ever did. Combining auto & home was like getting a “buy one get one free” deal!! He saved us over 40% and we ended up with better coverages. Absolutely hassle free and personal service. Thanks!"

Jason Ryan Clark

"Not only has Wiseman Insurance Agency met all of my personal insurance needs, they have exceeded them. My insurance agent is always ready to help me whenever I call. They are great to work with. I’ll never go anywhere else."


Wiseman Insurance Agency has given me exceptional service over the past 5 years. I have insured my homes and cars with them. They are committed to the lowest possible rates along with the best possible policies. I have currently saved 50% from my last policy to my new current policy. I am always impressed with the rates and service provided by Wiseman Insurance Agency, I thoroughly recommend them to all my family and friends!!

Marcia Simmons

"We just changed from our current insurance company and agent to Wiseman Insurance Agency for our condo association policy. They were so good to work with and discovered that our buildings were underinsured by almost one half! The coverage is much better than the prior policy, the coverage limits were almost doubled, and the price was almost the same. I would recommend that every condo association allow Wiseman Insurance to provide an analysis and quote in order to protect yourselves from potential disasters. They were awesome!"

Richard Gill

"Have always had personal service – can call anytime to get information and recommendations or advice. Wiseman Insurance agents look out for my best interests and help me to get the best insurance at the best price."

Dr. David W. Groesbeck

"The Wiseman Insurance Agency has helped me save about 25% on car, boat, and home insurance compared with my previous company. They have been very knowledgeable and helped in determining my insurance needs. We also had a fairly large claim when our boat hit a rock at Lake Powell. It was handled quickly and without any hassles whatsoever. Thanks!"

Greg Baum

"Insurance is fundamental in our society today. It is all about service. Rob (Wiseman) has been my insurance agent for 27 years, both business and personal. Over that time I have had a few claims. Each time he has taken care of me. I’m certain that if I spent enough time on the phone I would be able to find lower rates, but Rob’s service is worth what ever little I might save."

Quentin Rollins

"I have truly had an exceptional relationship with Wiseman Insurance. Craig and Leslie (Shelton) together have taken on the burden (of handling my insurance.) They have honestly taken on my account with kid gloves and helped me to understand better my insurance needs. Thank you for all you do and have done."

Brian Campbell

"I recently switched to Wiseman Insurance Agency for our Business Insurance, including our Workers Compensation Insurance. The savings were awesome! We were able to save about 28% on our Pharmacy Store insurance, including our Professional Liability, and they were able to save us about 60% on our Work Comp premium. I would suggest to any business owner that they take the time to have the Wiseman Agency review their insurance program. Thank you SO much!"


"Wiseman Insurance has been great at “having our backs”. They have continually watched out for us and have called when questions have come up. We didn’t receive a renewal notice on a home so the premium went unpaid. They called to double check. We were unaware so immediately made the payment and were glad for the phone call. They also are terrific at following up on items. We appreciate their service and their caring attitude."

Ken Palmer

"Wiseman Insurance saved me over 20% on my Restaurant Insurance and provided better coverage at the same time. They were also able to save me about $1,000 on my Worker’s Compensation Insurance. I would recommend Wiseman Insurance for any restaurant looking to make sure they have the right coverage at the best price. They’ve been great to work with!"

John M. Alrich

"Wiseman Insurance is the BEST full service insurance agency in the State of Utah! We have our Auto, Home, All Business Insurances and our E&O with Wiseman. They work hard to guarantee us the lowest rates! They are very responsive to any of our insurance needs. I highly recommend them to all!!"

Richard S. Losee

"Rob Wiseman at Wiseman Insurance Agency has done an outstanding job in finding the absolute best coverage for our drug and alcohol program. Some insurance companies cut coverage and raise premiums to the point where financial security and programs themselves can be in jeopardy. There is certain coverage that provides this protection at very reasonable prices. I absolutely recommend Wiseman Insurance as THE source for this coverage."


"As a new business owner in Utah County, it was critical that we develop a strong relationship with a reputable insurance agency. Wiseman Insurance took the time and several visits to our location to ascertain our unique needs. After reviewing competitive offers, no one could compare with the thorough and professional proposal submitted by Wiseman Insurance. They continue to maintain regular communication with us, always making sure that we are completely satisfied with their service…we are!"

Pam Rowbotham

"Stephanie Hutchings (at Wiseman Insurance) was extremely helpful in placing my insurance after an unintentional problem due to a surgery and being hospitalized. She was wonderful – helping resolve the problem."

George & Diane Babcock

"It’s a pleasure to endorse Wiseman Insurance. For the past 10 years we have had our business and personal insurance with Craig Wiseman and have found him and all who work with him to be helpful, pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional. We do not hesitate to recommend Wiseman Insurance."

Scott Rice

Wiseman has really gone out of their way to save me money. I am glad to support a business who truly believes in customer service. I have been nothing but pleased with the quality of service that I have received through dealing with Wiseman Insurance Agency. As long as I live in Utah they will be my insurance agency.

Ronald J. Clark

"Trust is a key factor when dealing with any insurance agency. Wiseman Agency associates exhibit that important element in all of their dealings. They provide the finest, most trusting service and advice available and our family considers them part of the “Clark Board of Directors” team."

Darren & Marianne Wooden

"Wiseman has been amazing at meeting our needs. Their service is always exceeding our expectations. They have a knowledge of the industry standard and lots of ideas and options for saving us money. We feel like we are being well taken care of."


"You can purchase insurance almost anyplace but insurance needs service along with it. Wiseman keeps me up to date and informed about my insurance needs and that’s service."

M. Brooke Voran

"I feel confident in the insurance policy my husband and I hold through Wiseman’s…confident you have my policy with a reputable insurance company for the best price. I am pleased with the educating you have given me when I don’t understand something about my policy. You have even helped me with questions I’ve had with my life insurance I don’t even hold through you. Customer service seems to be lacking in so many business these days, and as I am all too fluent in this area I expect to be given good service as your company does."

Bill Tooke

"For 3 generations and several decades, our family has relied on Wiseman Insurance Agency to handle all of our insurance needs with complete satisfaction. I have complete faith and trust that they are looking out for our best interests. Why go anywhere else?"

Kari & Kristy Suojanen

"I have never been with an agency that tried to service our needs better than you. Your Great!!! Thanks."

Stephen Taylor

"Wiseman Insurance people have always been helpful, informative and prompt."


"In the world we live in, we are bombarded with marketing schemes everyday by companies trying to gain our business. One promise given by so many companies is excellent customer service. Unfortunately the majority of these companies fall short of their promise. Wiseman Insurance is NOT one of these companies. They not only meet my every need, but they exceed them. They also take care of any future needs I may have. I’m a customer for life."


"My Wiseman Insurance agent was very knowledgeable and helpful in setting up coverage for my business. She not only knew exactly what coverage I needed, she provided better coverage than my current provider at the same price. Thanks!"

Dr. Vaughn Park

"When I purchased the Alpine Animal Hospital 24 years ago Dr. Purvance was insured by Wiseman Insurance Agency. I have continued to use their services and have always been satisfied. They fine the best coverage at the best rates and have always been great with any claims."

Joesph "Scott" Jenkins

"I have been a long time customer of Wiseman Insurance and have enjoyed working with your group. I was trying to think back to when we first became clients of Wiseman and I believe it was in the early 70’s. During the years, I have found that it has been very easy to work with the entire group at the office. The thing I like most about your group is that I know I can call with a question and that I can get a straight answer. If the question needs to be researched, I know I will get a call back with the answer. I feel confident that my insurance needs are being looked at and that the recommendations that are made to me are in my best interest. I don’t have to be concerned about my insurance needs.

There are many insurance agencies in the valley that a person can choose from, and the options are wide open but I have made my choice and I have never though of changing carriers. GREAT JOB. Keep up the good work."

Emily Pugmire

"My dad recommended me to use Wiseman Insurance when my husband and I bought our first car together. We are now onto our second car, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our insurance provider. Wiseman Insurance is a trustworthy, dependable company with unmatched customer service. Jelaire and Ila have been personally helpful to me and enjoyable to talk to. I am now using Wiseman Insurance for my health insurance because I can’t imagine going to anyone else. They have my full trust!"

Cindy Hoover

"I am writing today to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for the staff of Wiseman Insurance. It’s nice to know that I really am in “good hands” (no pun intended) when it comes to my automobiles, properties and liability insurance.

I have been a customer of Wiseman Insurance for well over 10 years. I find their staff to be extremely helpful, efficient, trustworthy, and above all very courteous, personable and friendly. Whenever I have a question regarding any of my policies I know I will receive a timely and efficient response. I would also like to mention how they continually review my policies and look for ways to save me money, which as you know in these trying times is a great benefit. It’s nice to know I have loyalty and integrity on my side.

In closing I would like to say that it is with pleasure that I recommend Wiseman Insurance to my family and friends for their remarkable customer service and assistance. I know without a doubt they will appreciate them as much as I do."